5 Ways to Find Out If It’s Aussie


Here’s a handy little list of ways to make sure what you’re buying is local 🙂

1. Look for the ‘Australian Made’ Logo – Probably one of the easiest ways to make sure what you’re buying from your supermarket is Australian. Read further though, not everything that is made in Australia is grown in Australia.

2. Read Further Over the Label – Be weary of words such as ‘Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients’. Although this still supports a healthy Australian economy, you can’t be sure of the quality control and regulations in place for food production in other countries.

3. Learn What Food is In Season – Knowing what is in season in your local area will help you to know what food is local on the supermarket shelves or at your local market. While you can usually be safe with bananas, it’s most likely that a pineapple in winter probably isn’t from Australia!

4. Shop at Farmer’s Markets – While all markets have different food sourcing guidelines, most food is highlighted as local, and a more personal approach can allow you to ask questions to the seller behind the stall. Check out http://www.greenvillages.com.au/our-pick-of-the-best-sydney-markets-for-local-produce/ if you’re from Sydney and looking for a good Farmers Market. You can also see the link on the Postcode Produce Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/postcodeproduce 🙂

5. Plant a Garden! – If you want to get ultra-local and have the space, start a vege patch. Even if it is just a few herbs, you can have the satisfaction of clean seasonal seasoning if you’ve grown it yourself.

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2 Responses to 5 Ways to Find Out If It’s Aussie

  1. foodneedslove says:

    Eating local produce is so important! Not only is it fresher and tastier but it eliminates a large chunk of the food waste that occurs during transport. Did you know you can even get local and seasonal produce from UNSW? The food co-op Thoughtful Foods has a subscription service where you can get a fruit and vegetable box full of local produce delivered to you each week.

  2. sarina says:

    I had not paid too much attention to buying local produce when in the supermarket – but more attention to what I like the look of! But this is a reminder to change my habits.
    I have shopped at farmers markets, although I tend to do this when I have time, as I’m sure do many people. It usually costs a bit more, but I guess the point is that it costs less to the environment and supports the livelihood of locals rather than big supermarket chains!

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