How You Can Bring the Farm to the City

With a high percentage of the Australian population living in urban areas, the idea of growing your own veges at home has always seemed to far fetched right?

Meet Cathy and Warren Scott. The Melbourne couple ripped up there dying lawn through a period of drought and turned it into a have for growing their own organic and super-local food at home. 

“In the past I had found vegetable gardens messy, but I’ve tried to ensure there is a formality and symmetry here that’s pleasing to the eye”, Cathy says, when explaining how it is possible to grown your own food in city areas (information sourced from,15345). 

The couple now reap the benefits of their decision, saving money while eating fresh vegetables all-year-round. While constantly learning of news ways to maximize their vege patch, Cathy and Warren could not be more happy with their decision. 

“We have learnt to stagger the planting times and plant a week apart so that the harvest covers a longer period. We’re really just experimenting with what works for us” Cathy says. 

Let this be motivation for all of you! If you have any experience in building a vege patch, feel free to share for others! 🙂

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2 Responses to How You Can Bring the Farm to the City

  1. geoffro2013 says:

    This is great news for those who have the luxury of a backyard, but what are the people who live in apartment buildings or dwellings with no area for growing vegetables?

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