7 Great All-Aussie Snacks!

If you’ve been reading earlier posts, the ways in which you can obtain local food would be pretty clear. This is all good and well for your main meals which often incorperate wholesome meats, proteins and vegetables, but what about all those snacks in between? While you’re imported Mi Goreng noodles may taste delicious, I can assure you these locally produced foods will taste just as good, if not better!

  1. Aussie Bananas – Bananas in Australia are available all year round, and provide a number of vitamins which are vital for a healthy lifestyle such as vitamins A, C, D and many more. Image
  2. Tassal Tinned Salmon – Time to mix it up and try a salmon salad over your regular tuna one. Tassal is an Australian company fishing only fresh Tasmanian salmon, and it tastes delicious!Image
  3. Jalna Yoghurt – Their catch phrase “A Little Pot of Purity” lives up to its promise, with all-Aussie ingredients and a range of different yoghurt types. Mix in some seasonal berries for an even more flavorsome burst 🙂Image
  4. Seasonal Fruit and Veg – As mentioned previously, knowing what fruit and veg is in season can really help you to know what’s local and what’s imported. Apples, bananas, berries and even a nice crunchy carrot can all make delicious snacks throughout the day. Image
  5. Antipasto – While the idea may not be Australian, the foods that go into this kind of eating include cheeses, meats, breads, fruits and vegetables… all of which are easy to source locally! Visit your local deli of famers’ market and strike up a conversation with your seller for some good deals. Image
  6. Home-made Hot Chips – An Aussie favorite! Although not always the healthiest option, when done at home all it takes is a few fresh local potatoes, a knife and an oven to make a tasty hot snack with less oil. Whip together a simple aioli for a dipping sauce! Image
  7. Byron Bay Cookies – Maybe a once-a-week snack… this company only uses the freshest local ingredients and boy do they know how to make a white chocolate and macadamia cookie! Image
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2 Responses to 7 Great All-Aussie Snacks!

  1. vickvacious says:

    I love buying seasonal fruit and veg! They are often cheaper, and it’s good to know that I’m supporting local producers. Can’t wait for avocado season!

  2. xiarky says:

    Looks delish 😀

    I personally like making home-made sweet potato hot chips! Just as tasty but less stressful on the waistline 🙂

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