Have your say!

Have your say!

Postcode Produce thought it was about time to publish some of your ideas and tips on how to eat locally. We interviewed a few people and asked some questions, and here ares some of their quotes to help you help yourself through local eating!

“It’s really important to support your local farmers because the more we rely on foreign food, the more these farmers will go out of business and we’ll be left with nothing that is fresh and local! An extra dollar isn’t much really for something that tastes better and supports your local area” says Fiona Manning (35) from Sydney, Australia.

“Yeah I don’t mind paying a little more for food if I know it’s been made in Australia. At least then I know it hasn’t got any bad stuff in it that you might get from oversees food” says Josh Harrington (23) from Sydney, Australia.

“I think it’s a great idea! If we had an aisle in the supermarket which only had 100% Australian made food, then at least people could see that it’s an issue, and become more aware that Aussie food needs to be protected” says Julia Rice (43) from Melbourne, Australia.

Keep your ideas coming guys! All comments and opinions matter. Lets get loca with local food!

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2 Responses to Have your say!

  1. takeahikeaus says:

    buying local produce instead of buying groceries from the big chains is a great way of showing support for local businesses and ethical practices! I get fresh groceries delivered from food connect which supplies weekly seasonal fruit and veg from local sustainable farmers. Also they deliver which is pretty awesome.

  2. hohohuh123 says:

    Foods that are produced locally will not only benefit small businesses and show support, but also make buyers know that they are getting there moneys worth. The produce will be of high quality which will only make consumers come for more.

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